Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve tried to make the Milkround website as user-friendly as possible, but if you encounter any difficulties, or wish to raise any queries or make suggestions, please do get in touch with us at If you have a technical issue please provide the following information:


• Your Milkround registered email address

• The browser you are using to view our site. (You can find this out by selecting the “Help” menu item at the top of your browser and then choosing the “About…” option)

• The software that you are using to access your email account, (e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo, Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, etc.) 


How do I send in my suggestions and comments about the site?
Please email at us


I don’t know what career I want to pursue – what can I do to help me decide?
We offer lots of help and suggestions on our Careers Advice section of the website. We discuss different industries and career choices to help you make an informed decision about your next career step. To help your search even more, you can expand your choices in ‘My Milkround’ profile so that you can receive personalised e-mails for whichever sectors you’d like to explore.


I know exactly what I want to do: how do I ensure I only receive jobs in that area?
If you are one of the lucky ones that has a clear career path mapped out, make sure your Milkround+ is up to date and we’ll do our best to make sure those jobs come your way. To find this, simply log on to your profile, click your username and then the ‘Milkround+’ tab. You can continually update this depending on the career choice you want.


I am looking for part time work, can you help me?
Milkround specialises in work that will help you progress in your career. For this reason the only part time/temporary work we offer are internships, placements and holiday jobs. You can filter your search to include only internships and placements to see what opportunities we have available today


How do I unsubscribe?
We send two kinds of email. Emails set up directly from our search pages – the ‘Jobs By Email’ or JBEs – can be amended or cancelled from your Milkround+ page here.

You can unsubscribe from our personalised job alerts, newsletters, round up, deadline and sector showcase emails by replying to the email with the word UNSUBSCRIBE.


I am interested in getting a job with Milkround Online, how do I go about that?
Find Milkround in the Recruiter A-Z for more details and a list of jobs we currently have on offer.


How do I apply?
You can apply for each individual job through the ‘Apply’ button posted on each job description. Your application will be sent directly to the employer so that they can review your application. They will respond to you depending on the success of your application.


What jobs can I apply for based on my experience?
Whatever your experience, we offer a range of career opportunities to help you enhance your CV and find the perfect career for you. You can find the best available job opportunities by expanding your Milkround+ profile so that you can get personalised e-mails which are relevant to you.

Each job description will detail the qualifications and experiences of the future employee that they are looking to recruit so you will be able to see if you are suitable for individual roles or not.


I’ve got an interview – what can I do to prepare for it?
Our Careers Advice Section has lots of articles on helpful interview tips and advice so check them out.

Additionally, we also have various career events that we run throughout the year to help you apply for jobs and understand the industry more so check our available events.